“Dr. Potts is a great guy. I was totally comfortable with him and the way he treated me from the first time I visited him. Amazing how much better I feel after an occasional visit with him. He’s not the first chiropractor that I’ve been to in Reno, but I do get the sense from him that he wouldn’t ‘over-treat’ you as some chiropractors try to do. So, I go back to him as needed.”
-Jr. F, Yelp

“Very comprehensive medical intake. Very professional. Extremely skilled and precise adjustments.”
-John M., Google

“This is how people should run their practice. It’s a small office, the Dr runs it 100% by himself. He answers the phone 7 days a week. Monday – Friday but he will meet you at the office on the weekends if you are in pain. During the week he will adjust his hours to fit you in, on your schedule. Knowledgeable chiropractor with neurological training fixed my back right up with only follow-up appointments. He is happy to take walk-ins anytime.”
-Lipsum, Yelp

“Dr. Potts is truly amazing! I was scared because I have never been to a chiropractor. My upper back was in intense pain I couldn’t sleep. I made my appointment Sunday and came in on Monday. It is now Wednesday and I feel almost no pain! He was very kind and took care of my upper back. I am now going to be a loyal patient from now on! Thank you so much, Dr. Potts!”
-Cindy L., Yelp

“I believe in Chiropractic, and in particular, I believe in Dr. Curtis Potts, as a person concerned about healing and a master technician in the art of chiropractic….Dr. Potts also has a background in neurology, which makes his services particularly beneficial, as I know he has a depth of knowledge and experience that not All other chiropractic doctors possess. … I will not go to just anyone…( Dr. Potts cares) I have a badly curved spine by birth, and, the curvature has progressed to 45 degrees. But, my defect wasn’t discovered until my bones fused at age 16. When highly trained and very well recommended Orthopedists wanted to take 2″ out of my right leg (this was in Seattle 37 years ago); my good friends told me to try chiropractic first… I was even told by Orthopedists that I wouldn’t be able to walk after the age of 50. I am now 65, and thanks to the skill and services of Great Healers in the skills of chiropractic care, I still walk and am able to perform pretty normally. Keeping the spaces between your joints and vertebrae open allows for vital blood and lymph flow, which sustains function to vital organs and wellness, this also helps with tissue repair and reduces inflammation and pain. Try it! Know that healing is a process, and requires self-understanding. I am also a person who will not take prescription painkillers. I am concerned with Wellness.”
-Mary K., Google

“I called Dr. Potts from work and he accommodated me during my lunch hour. I filled out the new patient paperwork and drove to his clinic. He restored my confidence in visiting a chiropractor because the place I tried a few months ago was more like a business and less like a professional practice. I was nervous. Dr. Potts’s years of experience allowed for a thorough analysis & effective treatment without any waste of time. He combines traditional and modern techniques according to medical concerns that enable a successful outcome. I went to him in pain and walked out with relief. My neck, shoulders, and back were adjusted with minor adjustments. I went back to the office and was asked by coworkers about this visit. They saw me before I visited Dr. Curtis Potts and after I returned. They will also take their family members who need care to Dr. Potts. He is courteous, easy to talk to, and centrally located. I will go again and recommend Dr. Potts to friends, colleagues, and associates.”
-Faryal Z., Yelp

“What a patient and kind man. I went in as a walk-in after attempting to do a summersault and really hurting my neck. He got me in quickly and was very nice and helpful. He works very quickly and I was shocked by how many people he could get through in a matter of a couple of minutes while still giving everyone a personalized experience and answering everyone’s questions with a caring and very professional demeanor. He is very respectful of other chiropractors you have gone to and very welcoming of a team approach to healing. He is very well educated and has an education far beyond the typical chiropractor. He fixed an injury I have suffered with for four years in seconds because of some post-doctoral training he had taken that all the other chiropractors and doctors I had been to for it had no knowledge of. He is also very gentle and explains everything he is going to do before he does it. If you want a personalized experience from a very knowledgeable doctor with an impeccable bedside manner, this is the place for you!”
-Mandee G., Yelp

“I have suffered from back issues for over a decade. Dr. Potts performed a detailed evaluation of my entire body, not just my lower back. After the first adjustment, I felt relief instantly. I haven’t felt this good in years. Dr. Potts also doesn’t push unnecessary adjustments. Very qualified and in tune with your issues on a person-to-person basis.”
-Justin C., Google

“Went in for serious pain and extreme difficulty breathing he immediately could tell I had a rib that had popped out, he popped it right back in with no pain and I could finally breathe again. His prices are affordable and he is very descriptive with what he is doing to fix the issue which I completely appreciate, I believe it I have walked out of plenty of doctor’s offices not realizing what they did to fix the problem. Thank you!”
-Michelle C., Yelp

“Dr. Potts is a great chiropractor. His adjustments are very effective, and he is an attentive doctor as well! Highly recommended.”
-Wes K., Google

“I had two bulging discs one of them was pinching my sciatic nerve making it almost impossible to walk. After one visit I could walk confidently most of the day and stay busy. With the second visit, I am feeling so much better and can stand and sit up with less pain. I am so very happy I found Dr.Potts.”
-Sydnea H., Google

“I had one of those irritating, painful pinched nerves that just wasn’t going away. Decided to go to a chiro for help. Got referred to Dr. Potts by a friend and frankly, liked the ‘deal’ he offered for first-time customers. Happy in my selection! Not only did he take care of making me feel better quickly…he was professional, highly courteous, and had no bs (you know..how some chiro’s tell you you need to come back 4 times a wk for months to fix your ‘serious’ problem? (My past experience anyway!) I did go back a couple of times to get back to ‘normal’ mobility…and will go back again next time I need a good back crack! Felt 100% comfortable w/Dr Potts skills and expertise!”
-Sierra K., Yelp